Wenn Sie wollen, nennen Sie es Führung. Systemisches Management im 21. Jahrhundert

from Cyrus Achouri

Gabal Verlag, Offenbach

ISBN: 978-86936-174-1


"Dedicated to all executives" Cyrus Achouri, professor for Human Resource Management at the Academy of Economics and Environments in Nürtingen, undertakes in this book a journey through the different basics of systems theory, cognitive, motivational and learning theory as well as ethics, in order to fit all this into the framework of a systemic understanding of leadership.


The "30-points-plan of systemic leadership" in the end of the book, enumerated rather short and concisely, seems much more as a staccato "How to" of a new form of leadership..


Even if this book is in large parts dedicated to the "heavy to digest" aspects of system theory, the author is successful in presenting concepts and new perspectives in a relevant way as well as illustrate their meaning for the management of people and organizations.


There is a lot to learn and reconsider. It could be single new aspects, which do fascinate. It could also be the view on leadership in a broader context, which might aspire readers particularly.



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