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Strategic effectiveness Services

Strategic effectiveness Services for Top Executives
Strategic competence


  • Strategic, perceptual, analytical and decision-making abilities

  • Strategy knowledge

  • Methodological competence


Exemplary measures:

  • Seminars on strategic thinking, strategy knowledge

  • Individual coaching for reflection of the strategic effectiveness in the company



Functional organization


  • Ability to analyze structures and patterns

  • Organizational knowledge

  • Process expertise in organizational development


Exemplary measures:

  • Business sparring with top executive for organizational and cultural development

  • Project coaching at re-organizations

  • Seminars on topics of functional organizations



Targeted Strategy Implementation


  • Strategic leadership skills

  • Knowledge of strategy implementation

  • Methodological competence


Exemplary measures:

  • Project coaching for strategy implementation projects

  • Individual coaching for strategic leadership

  • Business sparring for reflection and monitoring of strategy implementation


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Top Executives

Management Counterparts supports executives in becoming more strategically effective long term. Strategic know how, implementation strength as well as the ability to design and lead organizations in a strategically adequate manner are key.


Strategically effective executives know how to achieve impact according to strategy.


Apart from a fundamental competence in strategic questions, there is also an ability to design and develop organizations necessary. Finally, the effectiveness of management lies in the successful implementation of the strategy.


Management Counterparts targets with its programs to develop the necessary perceptual, analytical, conceptual and leadership capabilities long term and offers trainings in following areas:


  • Strategic competence

  • Functional organization

  • Carefully targeted strategy implementation


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Business Sparring     Coaching    Beyond coaching

Business Sparring
The solution of complex topics is easier in a trustful and open-minded sparring with an experienced counterpart.


Business Sparring


The business sparring services are directed towards top executives, who would like to mutually reflect, challenge and work on business topics with a competent counterpart. The services are designed in such a way that there is a specific format for any requirement available.


Good to know

  • Individual design of format and process

  • Absolute discretion is self-evident

  • Business sparring in German and English

  • Sessions also possible on weekends

  • Confidential dialogue as the first step


Sparring Sessions

  • on site

  • single appointment or regular sessions

  • also possible in combination with online sessions


Online Sparring

  • via Skype or phone

  • single appointment or regular sessions

  • also possible in combination with personal meetings


Intensive Off-sites

  • Intensive off-site sessions

  • Further process reflection online


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“It is always a real joy for me when executives manage to overcome a personal blockage and gain more personal effectiveness.”


Caroline Cerar - Coach for Top Executives

The coaching services:


  • Regular coachings

  • Online coachings

  • Personal off-sites


You wish further information on the coaching services?

Please get in touch here!



Executives in the upper management levels often have the feeling of “being thrown back on themselves”.

The pressure of the responsibility, actual challenges, concrete need for decisions or personal considerations and concerns – top executives are often alone with such or similar topics:


  • Concern not to suffice the requirements of the top leadership position

  • Feeling of loneliness at the top

  • Specific problems and stress situations in the job

  • Taking over of a new position / other changes in the business

  • Wish to reflect and check one’s own position





Top Executives need a competent counterpart at eye's level

Solution to a specific problem, changing of one's own leadership behavior or a fundamental reflection – it is always a very personal process. A trustworthy counterpart and coach is needed, who knows the topics and challenges in day-to-day management out of own experience.


The individual is in the center
In the coaching process I follow a holistic, individualized approach, which excludes any egalitarianism, but which places the individual client and his/her respective demand situation in the center. The aim is that the coachee finds his/her personal solution and experiences a personal unfolding on the basis of own resources.


Having gone the way yourself as a coach

I am convinced that it is important for a coach to have a fundamental understanding of personal change apart from the pure technical competence. A profound self awareness on part of the coach is indispensable for a professional coaching process. A coach who has made such an experience for him- or herself can be an authentic counterpart for top executives and be effective in a very particular way.








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Training     Business Sparring     Beyond coaching

Beyond coaching -

Personal change


Some executives have repeatedly had the experience that the own value system, mental concepts or other hidden fears do impact the personal leadership performance. They feel that only a personal change can help to overcome these repeating patterns. Typical for this are:


  • Feeling not to suffice the requirements of the leadership position

  • Recurring problems in leadership and typical patterns

  • Similar problem situations in the business and in the private life

  • Personality characteristics as problem in leadership

  • Being confronted with personal problems


Overcoming such kind of problems is possible. With Executive Counseling Caroline Cerar offers support for this. Executive Counseling is specialized in guiding executives through the process of personal change.


Get to know more about Executive Counseling - Psychological support for executives.


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Beyond coaching
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