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Intelligent groups - Socical skills versus IQ

Putting good teams together requires tact. The next time you team up with project teams, the following may help.


Studies show that it is not enough to gather as many intelligent people as possible in a team. A higher cumulative intelligence quotient of the group does not automatically ensure higher team performance. Rather, it is social skills that bring with them a higher group intelligence and are more likely to produce very good team performance.


The best teams have shown great empathy. The ability to recognize the feelings and emotions of others apparently leads to more effective communication behavior. There was more communication in these teams. Communication was not dominated by individuals, but instead, allowed everyone to get involved. Overall, it seemed that it was easier for these teams to use the individual talents and resources of their individual members.


Teams with high group intelligence also showed a continuous increase in performance over time. One apparently learns more effectively in these groups and can then better implement these findings.


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Study reference:
Woolley, A. W., Aggarwal, I., & Malone, T. W. (2015). Collective Intelligence and Group Performance. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 24(6), 420-424. doi: 10.1177/0963721415599543


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