„The Gourmet Business model“ – Learning from the chef

What can managers learn from gourmet chefs? In this case, a lot. Davide Oldani is owner of a gourmet restaurant close to Milan, where he offers gourmet-quality food at an incredible cost-quality ratio. To be able to do this, he re-modeled the typical business model of gourmet restaurants.

  • The restaurant is located outside of Milan and has only 35 seats. This results in less rent. It is fully booked each evening with an 18-months waiting list.

  • The focus is strict on seasonal products. In this way, the best quality at an acceptable price can be ensured.

  • There are no waiters. The cooks themselves serve the dishes. Thus, they can explain how they prepared the food. A special relationship with the guests evolves consequently.


These are a couple of examples how Davide Oldani re-invented the business model. This video from a Harvard Business School case deals with a different type of business one usually does not discuss often in the management arena. Yet it is an inspiring and catchy example of winning through business model innovation.


Link: Youtube - Harvard Business School Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_RwG1MGz0Q&list=PLPndSdqaaC1YEWG5-KHrryqydjoLkkUmq&index=1

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