There are other ways in companies: At eye level

“Augenhöhe” is a film portraying companies, which use a different approach of collaboration and leadership than can be normally seen in organizations. The portrait is being put together in a narrative form through interviews with employees and managers. Being really respected, the freedom to contribute using one’s own talents and an open, fear-free atmosphere of joint discussion are the main elements characterizing these companies.


Throughout the film, it becomes quite clear: Each of these companies has defined its own, unique strategy and way of operating and is there to survive and ensure a viable financial basis long term. The difference to a lot of conventional companies lies, however, in the different way of working together which allows for unleashing the potential and contribution of all employees with all their cumulated talent and know how.


This film project is not only dealing with innovative ways of collaborating within companies. It uses itself an innovative approach to financing and pursues a very specific aspiration. Being primarily crowd-funded, the film can be used in different contexts, e.g. within companies, for seminars or at events. It is supposed to trigger thoughts and instigate discussions on how to better work together in future. A really remarkable project!


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