Productivity of knowledge - an area needing improvement


The Haufe-Group identified striking deficits in a 2014 study on the productivity of knowledge in corporations.


  • 51% of the managers participating in the study said "No" to the sentence "We use knowledge productively.".

  • 90% see yet a connection between innovation/competitiveness and knowledge productivity.

  • 57%, however, admit that one would not know, how to use knowledge productively within the corporation.


On the individual level the situation is specifically highlighted.

27% of the managers asked quote, that they do not have access to the right information for their job.


The reasons are seen in the following...

  • 71% say that though the knowledge is available within the company, one would not know where, however.

  • Also 71% deem the search for the available knowledge as far too complicated.

  • In 65% of the cases, there are useful storage processes missing.


And how does it work nevertheless?

  • 65% ask their colleagues.

  • In 84% of the companies knowledge is transferred by senior colleagues to the juniors.


In short: Knowledge productivity is an area needing improvement within corporations.

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