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Machine – Platform – Crowd: The mantra of a new age?

Erik Brynrolfsson, co-founder and director of the MIT initiative for digital economy, presents three key dimensions with regard to the application of new technologies:


  • Mind - Machine

  • Product - Platform

  • Core - Crowd


We know numerous examples of platform offers. Numerous articles currently tell us that machines are learning faster and better. However, what happens when they are put to the test? Companies that use learning machines in practice have been able to increase productivity and profitability.


The results of crowd innovation are also impressive, where innovation can be produced faster and with a higher degree of accuracy with the involvement of non-specialist professionals and students. Core competencies, which for decades have been a much-discussed field of professors and consultants, should by no means be denied. Rather, it is about complementing core competencies with perspectives from other areas. That is, welcoming diversity in order to achieve better performance faster.


Erik Brynrolfsson's core message: Mind-Machine, Product-Platform, Core-Crowd. A new balance will arise in all three dimensions - towards the machine, platform and crowd.

From a company perspective, the particular challenge seems to me to be that, wherever possible, these dimensions are not to be seen as mutually exclusive pairs of opposites, but as modalities that complement each other depending on the company or their application.


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