The Economist - Megachange: The world in 2050

from The Economist, Franklin, Daniel and Andrews, John (Ed.)

Profile books Ltd, London (2012) - ISBN: 978 1 84 668 563 7 (Hardback)

ISBN: 978 1 84 668 585 9 (Paperback) - ISBN: 978 1 84765 805 0 (ebook)


The Economist uses once more its strength - namely excellent research, broad and deep data set and experienced authors - and presents with this book an overview of anticipated, big trends and developments in the next years and centuries to come.


The single articles deal with a broad spectrum of topics - from demography and health, over geopolitical and global economical developments to science, innovation and technology - and highlight potential developments based on shifts which have already happened. Well-known topics are approached with a fresh look, so for example in the article "Women's world".


Despite the strong focus on data and information the reader still gets some concrete statements about how the future could look like; e.g. the example of the still big danger of the use of nuclear weapons or the increasing significance of education, which should distinguish the poor and the rich even more so in future.


It is recommended to read this book twice, in order to "read across the chapters" on the second occasion and thereby get a better mental picture of how the postulated megatrends might specifically impact the details of our every day life in future.

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